Therm-O-Dor Series

Therm-O-Dor Series

The Therm-O-Dor™ models set the industry standard in overhead commercial and agricultural doors. Top quality raw materials combined with leadership in manufacturing technology results in a door that delivers the highest standards in quality and performace. Therm-O-Dor™ is quite simply the best choice for your overhead commercial door needs.


Superior Strength Durability Security
Manufactured from top quality Canadian steel to ensure maximum strength. TheTherm-O-Dor™ features an exclusive, patented mechanical interlock design that locks together the exterior and interior skins. The result is an exceptionally strong door, unequalled in quality and performance. Utilizing the latest technology to achieve maximum durability. Galvanized steel offers the unique combination of superior strength, light weight and corrosion resistance. A zinc coating plus exterior polyester paint top coats provides a continuous metallic barrier which does not allow moisture to contact the steel. The result is a leading edge overhead door that provides years of protection from fading and corrosion. The Therm-O-Dor™ offers excellent protection against break-ins. Door sections are manufactured with a solid core of polyurethane covered with two exterior skins of steel. The sections are held together with heavy duty hardware and interior side locks to provide strength and security for your business.
Energy Efficient
Our polyurethane isulation process is CFC and HCFC free, granting a zero Ozone Depletion and zero Global Warming Potential Rating. This is a significant environmental achievement and a reflection of our ongoing commitment to the environment. No other insulation offers higher R-value resulting in improved energy efficiency for your business.


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